About 5,500 minutes of your time

Or about 4,100 calories worth of food, depending on your activity level. That's how much you lose.

You can see how much you lose. You'll enjoy it, too. And you'll be happy to know that, when you do lose weight, there's no need for diet pills or fad diets. The weight loss doesn't come from any one thing. You're just losing excess water weight: the water your body uses to keep itself functioning properly. How much Weight loss can you expect from this workout? You can expect to lose more weight in less time with this workout than others. You won't have to make diet changes for months or even years to lose weight. You're going to look better in between sessions. Why do this workout? If losing weight is a top priority in your life, and you're still around your body wants to work out.

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The more you work out, the more it wants to work out. You're going to work out your whole body with this program. You'll have to change some habits with every program, but this is the one that sticks with you. By working with a trainer who understands what works for you. By knowing you. By listening to your body. By knowing you. By listening to your body. By knowing you. By changing your life. By changing your life this program doesn't promise that you'll lose weight immediately. It doesn't even promise that it will make you lose weight instantly. The results may take time to be seen.

lose more weight

But you're more likely to experience weight loss after the first few months of using this program. The workouts are safe and fun. You don't have to worry about your health, your muscle or your cardiovascular system. You'll feel great in just a few months. This is a program you will enjoy. This program will make you faster, stronger in your workouts, and it will improve your metabolism. You may not be able to look like the fitness models in the magazines, but you will look good doing the things that matter to your life. Who is it for? A workout program especially for jump ropes.