At any time you have the power to not to stop training and get through with it

When you are in the middle of it, the temptation to sit back and do nothing is very easy.

This is not how to handle yourself in the middle of training. If you don't stop what you are doing and use your time for what you need to do on in-between days, you are letting the momentum of your training build right behind you. That momentum, by the way, is the driving force for your training to be great.

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If you don't stop what you are doing and use your own time to improve (which, by the way, is the very reason why I suggest you don't stop what you are doing in the middle of a workout, even though this seems to be the most difficult thing to convince yourself to do), then you have put your training in danger. You are no longer serving your own body and mind the right way, because you are not giving your body and mind good recovery time. You are not serving your body and mind by doing high-intensity workouts that put a lot of strain on your body and mind. The only way to keep you focused is to keep you doing your workouts at their maximum intensity and at their best speed.

maximum intensity

This will help you to be able to get the most out of your time in the gym. Let me use myself as an example. I have been working out for years—most of the time doing very very high-intensity workouts at a fairly high-speed. This is only a little over twelve years now, which is a real eye-opener. I was surprised to learn that I was not able to keep up this type of training, but even more surprised to learn that I wasn't actually doing it wrong. It seemed like my training was progressing quite well—until I actually started to look at what was actually going on inside my body.