Fitness comes only before training in the dictionary

You need your training to come before your workout.

Do you follow the same routine every day? Does your workout consist of running, jumping rope, and other types of sports that you do when you're at home? If you like to work out, you must focus on it first, rather than on the sport. You need to do everything before the competition, because you want to be at your best when your opponent faces you in the match. The same thing applies to your training and the preparation for Jiu-Jitsu.

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What you need to do to get ready for the competition? You must train! You need to train every day, in every sense of the word. The most used word when speaking about fitness is "exercise." When you are saying "My friends are playing tennis", or "My cousin is hitting golf", or sometimes even "I'm playing golf!", you might be thinking of exercise. But it's not correct to use the same word when talking about fitness. You can exercise your muscles if they are warm, and you're well supplied with necessary materials, but you can't exercise your body without exercising your mind (or soul), your heart, your lungs, your nervous system, and your muscle fibers.

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Some people call exercise "hard work", but this is a narrow-minded and narrow view; we already know, from history, that hard work does not make you stronger, it makes you tired. A person doing an easy or normal workout doesn't fatigue his muscles, but doing hard workouts does fatigue your muscles and they become stronger and stronger after that. This is why it is important to focus on the mind, heart, lungs, and nervous system as much as the muscles, to become stronger; after all, this is how we achieve a better fitness.