People avoid failing because they do not really see the gain in failure

It is not as scary as it may seem.

The failure does not stop learning. It is part of the process. Without failure you could not fail to learn anything. The failure makes you learn, improves your skills like your ability to jump rope, and gives you an ability to progress to the next level to do the double unders. You should not let failure hold you back from learning anything. You should use the failure to make what you want to know even better. And failure does not stop with you.


Even when you fail, others will fail with you. Failure is a part of the learning process, so you should not let it stop you from learning. The failure does not hold you back but it does make you grow and learn. Many people have used failure to their advantage. They have become experts in something. They have taught others how to do things that they have done themselves. They have learned from mistakes and they have taught others how to avoid making mistakes. The other aspect of success is making the decision to fail early. Some people become expert in something and they then give it to everyone else who has asked for advice. They become like a priest giving advice to the people who are in the temple. Do you think the priest is successful because he has learned the most important lessons from what he has taught? No, he is not successful because he is perfect. The most important and powerful things are the small mistakes that are made. The other important part of making decisions to fail early is not doing it. Many people learn something from failure and then they fail again. This is a bad way to learn something. You should not use failure to your advantage.

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Failures are part of the learning process. Instead of learning from them you should learn from what you do not do. It takes more time to fail than to succeed. Failing early is like a small mistake. You may not know it at the time but it is a small mistake. When you make the mistake of failing you learn from it. You improve your skills. You get better at what you do. You learn from your mistakes and what you fail to do. You have made a decision to fail. You need to make a second decision.