Roping-flow is the most popular and most researched fitness class in the world

So I decided to do it for a while and the results are amazing!

At the beginning I kept track of my weight and body fat, and I saw improvements in both of them pretty quickly. When I first started the Roping-flow program my body fat was as high as 20%โ€”the highest I've ever been. Once I lost my excess fat, I saw amazing changes in my fitness, my strength, my endurance, and my confidence.

person jumping-rope up

I've written about my weight and body fat before, but here's something else I've learned: Ropeflow training isn't just for people who are obese. In fact, it's for everyone. Even people who are very strong can lose weight and fat with a little bit of jumping rope and ropeflow training. In fact, it's very similar to running. Not only do you see the benefits of ropeflow training in people of any fitness level, you also burn calories, and you can improve your health. And most important, you can create a lifelong habit of jumping rope and ropeflow training that will make it easy to add muscle and burn fat. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience for me. I met so many great people, all of who were very fit. Not to mention that I got to take a lot of pictures, and write for the first time in my life.

๐Ÿ—ฟ ๐Ÿง” ๐Ÿ‘ฉ

I started by using the Roping-flow Ultra Plan and my body fat percentage, weight, and body type were recorded regularly on a weekly basis. My weekly progress was monitored and I saw improvements in my strength, my endurance, and my confidence. I discovered many things about myself, including that I like to be pushed and challenged, and that I can be a better athlete, more confident, less stressed, and more of a people-person. I also learned a lot about how much I really needed to lose weight to make any change, and that exercise is not just a way for me to lose weight, but it's a way of life.