Sculpt your core and glutes with this total body workout

Feel the burn with this full-body exercise routine.

Are you ready to get your heart pumping and muscles burning? This full-body workout is designed to strengthen your core and glutes, while also targeting other key muscle groups. Get ready to sweat as we incorporate jumping rope to increase endurance and burn calories. To begin, exhale and engage your core while lifting your chest off the floor. As you exhale, push your elbows upward and rotate your shoulders outward, feeling the deep stretch in your core. Next, push your hips downward in an upward-downward movement, and then push them upward in an upward-upward movement, squeezing your glutes and feeling the burn in your obliques.

woman with blue hair jumping rope

But we're not done yet! Let's grab our jump ropes and get ready to amp up the intensity. Jumping rope is a fantastic way to increase your heart rate and burn calories while also improving your coordination and agility. Start with 30 seconds of jumping rope, and then move back into our core and glute workout. Exhale and contract your obliques as you pull your butt back, feeling the stretch in your core.


Next, bend your knees and bring them back to the start position, holding for one count. Engage your core and drive your hips in an up-and-down movement, feeling the burn in your glutes. Jump back into 30 seconds of jumping rope, and then finish strong with our final set of core and glute exercises. Push your elbows forward in an upward-downward movement, feeling the stretch in your core. Push your hips upward and outward in a downward-outward movement, engaging your glutes and feeling the burn.


With regular practice, this full-body workout will help you build strength and endurance while also sculpting your core and glutes. So grab your training jump rope and get ready to feel the burn!