The benefits of exercise for men, women, and children are many

In this article I’ll try to give you a couple of ideas on how to get more out of your aerobic workouts.

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First, you need to know what the sweet spot is. Let’s look at a few ways to define this sweet spot. It may get more complicated than that, but my intention is not to confuse you. So, don’t worry if you don’t know exactly how or what this really means. I’ll walk you through it and give you a few ideas for using the concept in your workout. Also, please keep in mind that I’m not a medical doctor. I’m a certified personal trainer. I spent almost 30 years in the fitness industry. I started doing personal training, or private coaching, when I started my career. Back then, it wasn’t a great idea to have a coach who could prescribe specific exercise routines.

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When I started training clients, they came to me with their own ideas of exercises, body parts, and techniques that helped them. It was good that clients could ask questions and have their questions answered by somebody who was also good at jumping rope and ropeflow.